A manufacturer of cranes and excavators has made an electric truck

It sounds like a broken record, but a company with no previous experience in manufacturing passenger vehicles has made a battery-electric truck again. This time it’s Sany Group, a Chinese company that makes cranes, excavators, trucks and other work vehicles. Leaked footage proves the company is working on an electric passenger pickup. The patents for the electric vehicle are registered with a company called Hunan Xingbida Network Technology, which is part of the Sany Group. Here’s what we know about the crane and excavator maker’s new pickup.

Sany Group manufactures battery electric truck

Sany Group Electric Truck | Sany Group

Images discovered by Automotive News China show the new battery electric truck and the patents filed. In addition, the design is typical of a pickup with a futuristic electric touch. An illuminated Sany logo sits between two front LED daytime running lights. These LEDs run vertically on the front fascia, giving the pickup a unique look. Additionally, the tailgate features an LED light bar, with matching LED taillights. Finally, the base of the bumper is also illuminated, which stands out a bit from other models.

Unfortunately, the pictures only show the exterior of the new truck. Interior photos remain unavailable at this time. Overall, the design seems influenced by the Tesla Cybertruck, but with a classic pickup truck shape. The doors and panels have concave, protruding sections, and the black wheels have a unique style we’ve never seen before. Finally, the front and rear doors are equipped with steps to facilitate access to the interior.

According to CarScoops, Sany has already worked with a battery manufacturer, CATL, on other projects. As a result, there is a good chance that the new electric truck will be equipped with CATL batteries. According to CATL website, its passenger vehicle batteries are top of the line. CATL claims its batteries can travel 1,000 km before shutting down, then recharge to 80% in just five minutes. That doesn’t mean these numbers will transfer directly to the Sany Group truck, but it’s a rough idea of ​​what they’re working with.

Who is Sany, the battery electric truck company?

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Does this Chinese company you’ve never heard of have the capital to create and sell an electric truck? CarScoops says that Sany Heavy Industry Co was founded in 1994. Moreover, its head office is located in Beijing, China, and has a market capitalization of $41.2 billion. With over 24,000 employees as of May 2021, we’d say Sany has the resources to create and sell a new electric truck.

According to the company’s website, Sany Heavy Industry is the largest engineering machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world. It is “determined to become the leader and technology pioneer in the surface mining machinery industry”. Additionally, Sany America Inc. is a United States-based subsidiary that focuses on the research and development, production, sales and servicing of heavy industrial equipment.

Chinese crane and excavator maker builds electric truck

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In conclusion, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment is working on an electric pickup. We don’t know much about the truck yet, other than how it looks. Its overall design uses a similar style to the Tesla Cybertruck in that it has an odd shape to stand out from other models. However, its basic design retains the classic pickup truck look. Sany Group is not the first inexperienced company to tackle electric vehicles, and we doubt it will be the last. We can’t wait to hear more about the new battery electric truck from the Chinese crane and excavator manufacturer.

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