A new children’s hat maker celebrates the mountain lifestyle with a new line

Miles DeLao sports a Mountain Kid Lids hat while rolling in a backpack on a hike. The hats are designed to inspire a love of the outdoors with bright, fun designs created by Tom Stefanelli, a Steamboat Springs-based artist who helped start the new business.
Mountain Kid Lids / Courtesy Photo

Laura Stefanelli hopes a mountain biking bear, kayaking moose, snowboarding bighorn sheep and skiing elk will inspire the next generation to get out there and make Mountain Kid Lids a fashion statement.

“We just started this children’s hat business because there were so few options, especially for the mountain lifestyle,” Stefanelli said. “I feel like what’s out there is kind of for surfing lifestyles or just silly stuff for kids. That’s where the idea came from.”

Stefanelli, who lives in Denver, helped start Mountain Kid Lids a month ago with his brother Tom Stefanelli, who is an artist based in Steamboat Springs, and his friend Matthew Miller, who also lives in Denver.

Stefanelli said she lived in Steamboat for a decade before moving. His brother, who still lives in Steamboat Springs, created the images that are digitally printed on the patches that adorn the front of snapback trucker hats.

She has no children. However, her brother and Miller both do it, and they all saw the need for stylish hats made specifically for kids. The company also offers a limited number of baby and teen hats, but Stefanelli said these are only available online at MountainKidLids.com and numbers are limited.

“The 3-12 age group is what we’re aiming for,” Stefanelli said. “The idea is to get kids out and enjoy the mountains, teaching them about climate change and the things that matter.”

She said that right now the company is offering hats on the Company Websiteas well as a few stores in Glenwood Springs – Hookers fly fishing shop at 719 Grand Ave. and The Fourth Dimension at 710 Cooper Ave. – and will soon arrive at Dusky Grouse Coffee at 1585 Mid Valley Drive, Unit 4, at Steamboat Springs.

Stefanelli said she plans to wear hats this weekend.

Mountain Kid Lids introduced their Crazy Animal Collection with four different choices for kids and their parents. The founders hope the designs will inspire a love for the outdoors.
Mountain Kid Lids / Courtesy Photo

Stefanelli said the company is focused on making baseball-style trucker hats that feature kid-friendly art and are sized to fit a child’s head. She added that Mountain Kid Lids may offer a beanie when things get colder this fall and winter, but really, they want to stay focused on trucker hats.

“Right now we have this crazy collection of animals,” Stefanelli said. “They are just animals doing outdoor activities.”

Noa Rock sports her Mountain Kid Lids Ski Moose Hat from the company’s Crazy Animals collection. The owners of Mountain Kid Lids hope to inspire a love of the outdoors in their young clientele.
Mountain Kid Lids / Courtesy Photo

The hats are made with snapbacks, allowing them to be adjusted as the child grows.

“They’re pre-made, but we study their source and make them specially, so we can offer different color options and things like that,” Stefanelli said. “Right now we’re buying them and just adding the patches to them.”

Stefanelli said she’s always loved hats, and Mountain Kid Lids is the perfect way to combine that with a love for the outdoors and activities that get people outdoors.

“I’ve always loved hats and done other hat-related business ventures, so that’s how I got involved,” Stefanelli said.

Sam Stefanelli and Ruby Goldmaster celebrate Earth Day at Fetcher’s Pond in their Mountain Kid Lids hats. The new company was started a month ago by former Steamboat Springs resident Laura Stefanelli and Matthew Miller, who live in Denver, and Tom Stefanelli, a Steamboat Springs-based artist and Laura’s brother.
Mountain Kid Lids / Courtesy Photo
Ben Miller sports a Mountain Kid Lids hat on a recent rock climbing adventure. The new hat company specializes in trucker hats for kids ages 3-12 and has strong ties to Steamboat Springs. The company launched a month ago and will soon have hats for sale at Dusky Grouse Coffee in Steamboat Springs or online at MountainKidLids.com.
Mountain Kid Lids / Courtesy Photo