Accessibility Checker Introduces Free Custom Accessibility Audit Tool for Websites

The online platform provides businesses with the most accurate and reliable information regarding the accessibility status of their website to avoid legal action, helping to create a simple and seamless web experience for the community. disabled people in the broad sense.

Accessibility Checker is pleased to announce that businesses and other corporate website owners can now rely on its expertise to ensure that their websites are accessible to members of the wider disability community.

According to the online platform, having an accessible website not only ensures a safe and efficient experience for all users, but also protects owners from legal action. Current legislation requires that extra care be taken when developing websites, to ensure that people with disabilities can browse and have the same experience as everyone else.

Although the law varies from country to country, non-compliance usually results in litigation or penalties which can create serious legal and financial headaches for business owners.

The founders of Accessibility Checker revealed that they first learned about accessibility regulations in 2014, when they were in the process of building an e-commerce website. After successfully building the business from scratch, the business was suddenly greeted with an accessibility request letter. The unexpected encounter launched an exploration of the sensitive subject. They have witnessed the troubling reality for people with disabilities as well as the punitive consequences for web platforms that do not comply.

“Through our research and experience, we realized that accessibility is not really accessible to business owners. This includes some key questions such as the difference between local law (ADA, AODA, etc.) and the Global Accessibility Standard (WCAG), and how to make your website WCAG compliant and maintained there. way.

Accessibility Checker then created their Accessibility Audit Tool to continuously and effectively monitor the compliance levels of new content added to their set of e-commerce websites, which in turn led the company to create so that other brands can benefit from its unique solution.

In order to benefit from the platform’s solution to identify accessibility issues, website owners can simply enter the website URL on the platform, after which they will receive a detailed audit report and accurate with detailed explanations and recommended solutions.

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