An Italian artist claims to be Pak, creator of the most expensive…

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The identity of one of the most prominent creators of crypto-art has been revealed. Well, maybe.

In a cryptic tweet, an Italian artist by the name of Federico Clapis claimed to be the real person behind the moniker of Pak, one of the most expensive NFT artists of all time. “I am Pak,” he simply wrote on July 30.

The admission, if true, puts a face to one of the most mysterious figures in the NFT world. So far, Pak has clung fiercely to anonymity, using voice-distorting software in interviews and “they/them” pronouns. Their self-branded nickname is “The Nothing”.

“I try to separate my physicality from my work because I feel like when people see a face, they automatically remember it when they hear the name,” the artist told Artnet News l ‘last year. “Rather than that, I would like people to remember my works.

Clapis seems like a credible candidate. For years, the Italian has cultivated social media influence through anonymous viral videos on various platforms, amassing dozens of followers along the way. During this phase, the artist was acting “undercover”, explains his website.

Pak first made a name for himself through a similar act of guerrilla web art. In 2014, they launched Archillect, an artificial intelligence algorithm that crawls social media profiles and posts popular posts to its own feed.

Around 2015, Clapis transformed his influence into an artistic career, making miniature sculptures, then life-size, via 3D scanning processes. In recent years, he has ventured into the world of digital art, turning his illustrations that comment on technology – think of the image of a baby being lifted by a drone – into NFTs.

But is he Pak?

The day before his “I’m Pak” post, Clapis teased his request, tweeting, “Tomorrow I’ll be revealing some new work I’ve been working on for months.”

Pak in turn shared Clapis’ tweet, along with an emoji of a smiley face looking through clasped hands. They did so after also retweeting a post from Paris Hilton, who claimed to be Pak in March, that one with a hand-over-mouth emoji.

Two tweets from Pak responding to Federico Clapis claiming to be the anonymous artist.

Then came a series of cryptic tweets of one or two words: “Me 2”, “Proof”, a picture of a cloud.

Is this a confirmation? Denial? Gibberish? Poetry? It’s not immediately clear. As one of Pak’s confused followers replied to his “Me 2” tweet, “Bro replies normally.” Stay tuned.


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