Best Free Stereogram Maker Software and Online Tools

Want to create a Stereogram image? Use these best free stereogram maker software and online tools. A stereogram is an optical illusion of depth perception generated by a 2D image. It is a 2D image but gives the illusion of a 3D image. It is created with a depth map, texture, pattern, etc. You can also create a stereogram with a text message.

Now, if you want to create a stereogram image on your computer, this guide is for you. You can try freeware or free online tool using which you can create stereograms on Windows PC. These tools allow you to create images of stereograms based on images as well as text.

How do you make a stereogram?

To create a stereogram on your Windows PC, you can use a free desktop application. There is free software called Stereogrammer that allows you to generate stereograms using texture and depth map images. If you want to create stereograms online, you can use a free online tool. There are free websites like EasyStereogramBuilder or Sasibak that allow you to create a stereogram online. If you want to create a message stereogram, use this free online tool called Hidden 3D.

Best Free Stereogram Maker Software and Online Tools

Here are the best free Stereogram Maker software and online tools:

  1. Stereograph
  2. EasyStereogramBuilder
  4. Sasibak
  5. 3d hidden
  6. Stereograph

Let’s discuss the above stereogram makers in detail.


Stereogrammer is a freeware stereogram maker for Windows 11/10. By using it you can create stereogram image from your custom 2D images. You can use a depth map and a texture image to generate a stereogram. It basically allows you to create autostereograms or single image stereograms (SIS).

The process of creating a stereogram is very simple. You can check out the exact steps below.

How to generate a stereogram with Stereogrammer?

Here are the main steps to create a stereogram using Stereogrammer:

  1. Download and install Stereogrammer.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Import the source 2D image as a texture image.
  4. Add or choose a depth map.
  5. Click the Generate button.
  6. Customize the stereogram settings and press the save button.
  7. Save the output stereogram image.

Let’s detail the steps above.

First, you need to download and install this lightweight app. After that just launch it to start using it.

Then go to his Texture tab that is present in the panel below, and press the To add to browse and select the source texture image. There you can find sample texture images that you can use.

After that, go to Depth Maps and select an available depth map that you want to use to create a stereogram. You can also use a custom depth map image from your PC. To do this, press the Add button and import the one you want to use.

Stereograph Creator

Now from the Stereograph tab, press the Generate button and a dialog window will open. In this window, you can customize various output stereogram options. These options include width, height, depth, separation, removing hidden surfaces, algorithm, oversampling, adding focus points, etc. Finally, press the key Generate and you will be able to see the stereogram image. You can view the stereogram in full screen.

By right-clicking on the stereogram image, you can access some handy features:

  • Save the stereogram: The final resulting stereogram image can be saved in formats such as BMP, JPEG, and PNG.
  • Regenerate the stereogram: You can regenerate the stereogram image several times.
  • View in full screen: You can open and view the output stereogram image in full screen.

It is one of the best stereogram maker software on this list. If you want to use it, you can download it from GitHub.

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Free stereogram maker

EasyStereogramBuilder is a free online stereogram creation tool. This is a simple and easy to use website that allows you to create text or image based stereograms. The process to use it is quite simple. You just need to select a mask image and a pattern based on which a stereogram will be generated. Now let’s see the exact steps.

How to create a stereogram online with EasyStereogramBuilder?

You can follow the steps below to generate a stereogram online using this free online tool called EasyStereogramBuilder:

  1. First, open its website in a web browser.
  2. Now select a mask picture from its library or download one from your PC. You can also add a text mask by entering the text and its font size.
  3. Then choose a model picture among the available ones or just browse one and select one from your PC.
  4. After that press the click to generate a stereogram button to create a stereogram.
  5. Finally, you can click the Save stereogram to PC button to download stereogram image in JPG image format.

You can try it here.

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3] is a free online tool for generating stereograms online. It allows you to create textual stereograms without any problem. You can open his website in a web browser, then enter the main input parameters to create a stereogram. The main settings include your email id, text 1, text 2 (optional), translation, scale, rotation, and font.

When you are done customizing these input parameters, it will show you the preview of the resulting image. You can then press the Save and preview button and then you can download the stereogram image. It allows you to save the output as a PNG image.

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Another online tool you can use to generate stereograms is Sasibak. It is a nice online stereogram maker that allows you to create text as well as image based stereograms.

To use it, open its website in a web browser and select a depth image and a pattern image. It provides various depth and pattern images that you can use. You can also enter text and a font to create a textual stereogram. When you have finished selecting the input parameters, press the key. Do it! button to start generating the stereogram image.

The final image can be saved in JPG image format. You can even post the stereogram image to Facebook or email it to someone.

You can use this free online stereogram maker here.

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5]3D hidden

Hidden 3D is a free online message stereogram generation tool. It allows you to type a text message and generate a hidden image stereogram. Simply enter your input text in the Message box, then press the Generate a stereogram to create the corresponding stereogram image. You can right-click the image and save it as a PNG image.

You can try this free online stereogram maker tool here.

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Stereogramm is a free Windows 11 application that allows you to generate stereogram images. You can basically create an autostereogram using it. It allows you to import a depth map image with which a stereogram will be generated. Moreover, it also provides a feature to draw a depth map to create a stereogram. It provides a brush with which you can manually draw a depth map. It even lets you customize the color, effect, and thickness of the drawing brush.

How to generate an autostereogram with Stereogramm?

Here are the basic steps to generate a stereogram image using this free Windows 11/10 application:

  1. First, install this app from Microsoft Store and open it.
  2. Now select a sample from those provided.
  3. Then choose a depth map image (JPEG, BMP, PNG) from your PC or draw a depth map.
  4. After that choose random color, black and white or pattern as you need. If you choose Pattern, you can import a pattern image from your PC.
  5. Next, enable or disable options such as Use border.
  6. Finally, you can click Save Stereogram option to save the resulting image in PNG format.

This is a nice stereogram maker app for Windows 11/10 that you can use to generate autostereogram for free. You can get this free stereogram maker app from

How to create a Stereogram image?

To create a stereogram image, you need a depth map and a texture or pattern image. If you want to create one on your Windows PC, you can try a free online tool like EasyStereogramBuilder. As the name suggests, it is a free online tool specially designed for you to create stereogram images online. You can input a mask image and a pattern image to generate an automatic stereogram image.

How to create a stereogram in Photoshop?

To create a stereogram in Photoshop, simply create a new canvas, then click the Edit > Fill option. After that, choose “Pattern” and select the desired pattern from a list of patterns. And then, choose the “Rectangular Selection Chapter” tool and draw a small rectangle on the canvas. Then just copy the pattern inside the selection and then add a new layer. Now paste the copied pattern on the new layer. Then you can press the right arrow about 10 times to move the selection 10 pixels. finally, save the stereogram.

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