Calls on the Scottish Government to help create a fuel price check website

The Scottish Government has been asked to support the creation of a fuel comparison site amid soaring costs.

Willie Rennie, economic spokesman for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, wrote to Transport Secretary Michael Matheson asking for the scheme which would help motorists cut costs.

It would follow the example of Northern Ireland, where a publicly funded online tracking service allows motorists to check where the cheapest fuel is in their area.

This has forced pump owners in Northern Ireland to keep their prices competitive.

In Scotland, however, the price per liter of petrol and diesel exceeded £2 in some parts of the country.

Rennie’s call came as protesters targeted major Scottish roads as part of a UK-wide protest against rising fuel prices.

Protesters in tractors target the A92STV News
Protesters in tractors target the A92

Two tractors caused long traffic jams on the A92 to Aberdeen on Monday, while further protests took place at Kessock Bridge in Inverness.

Police also said they warned two motorists on the M8 near Newbridge, Edinburgh on Monday morning for attempting to enforce a ‘slow down’ zone.

It is understood that further protests could take place if fuel prices continue to rise.

In his letter, Rennie wrote: “Fuel prices continue to rise and we must act now to help Scottish motorists facing rising costs.

“Price control in Northern Ireland, which is run by the Consumer Council, is an excellent model to help tackle rising petrol prices.

“This model contributed to motorists in Northern Ireland paying 35p less (per litre) than Scottish motorists in June.

“The Checker is publicly funded and works by letting motorists know exactly how much they should be paying for fuel.

“This allows consumers to avoid more expensive suppliers.

“The checker helps consumers find the best fuel deals and lowers prices.

“It needs to be independent of government, but the Scottish government should help get it in place quickly.”

“Will you commit to introducing a similar price verification system for motorists in Scotland?” He asked.