File sent to the DPP for the murders of two innocent people in a botched gang hit

Gardaí submitted cases to the DPP relating to the killing of two innocent people in a botched gang shooting in North Dublin five years ago, a court has heard.

Dublin District Coroner’s Court has been told the gardaías are awaiting an instruction from the DPP on whether criminal charges will follow the double murder of Antoinette Corbally (47) and Clinton Shannon (30) who have suffered fatal gunshot wounds in an incident in Balbutcher Drive, Ballymun on August 16, 2017.

Mrs Corbally, a mother of six, was shot in the head and torso in the hallway of a relative’s house in Balbutcher Drive around 4pm.

Mr Shannon, a locksmith from Lincoln Hall, Applewood, Swords, Co Dublin who was not involved in the crime, was sitting in a car parked outside the premises when he was shot in the neck and chest.

Ms Corbally’s brother Derek Devoy is believed to have been the intended target of a gang hit which happened around 4pm due to his role in a feud with a local criminal gang.

Mr Shannon had stopped in the vehicle in front of the house on Balbutcher Drive just before the fatal shooting.

Ms Corbally’s pregnant daughter Andrea, who was 18 at the time, was injured after a bullet grazed her, while another victim, Brian Moran, was treated at Mater Hospital for a gunshot wound to the leg.

During a coroner’s court session on Tuesday, Detective Luke Lacey told coroner Aisling Gannon that a filing had been forwarded by custodian the case to the DPP and that they were awaiting a hearing.

Ballymun Garda Station Inspector Lacey has requested an adjournment of the inquests into the deaths of Ms Corbally and Mr Shannon under Section 25 of the Coroner’s Act, which allows adjournments where criminal charges are being considered .

Ms. Gannon granted the request and adjourned the hearing until November 22.