How to file a wilderness trip report |

After spending months planning a hunt, coordinating logistics and gathering supplies, the hunters are almost ready to go.

But wait, not yet!

Another step hunters should take is to consider filing a wilderness trip plan. Available on the State Troopers of Alaska website, hunters should leave the plan with a trusted person who can give the plan to the troopers in the event they do not return on time.

Since Alaska is extremely vast and hunting areas are often very remote, it can be difficult to locate people in the backcountry. Additionally, the weather is often inclement during the fall (and even more so at higher elevations), which means things can turn quickly and a dicey situation can turn deadly.

Having a detailed record of travel plans, supplies, and a date and time to contact law enforcement is extremely helpful in speeding up the search process.

The trip plan asks for information such as travel dates, mode of transport, destination, route, and equipment carried. It also asks people to leave the names and phone numbers of other people who can provide additional information about the trip. Essentially, the travel plan takes the guesswork out of searches when people don’t get home on time.

In addition to completing the trip report, it’s also useful for hunters – and anyone traveling in the backcountry – to carry a GPS device, such as a Garmin InReach. The device can be used to send messages and has an SOS function that can be activated in case of emergency.

The Wilderness Trip Plan can be downloaded at