How to Repair Corrupt Excel File in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 (Sponsored)

Microsoft Excel comes with an already built-in repair tool called Open and Repair… The main and only task of the Recovery Toolkit for Excel is to repair and recover corrupt Excel files like Open and Repair… feature in Office 2007/2010.

How to manually repair Microsoft Excel 2010 files

Here is a well-detailed method on how to open and repair your Excel 2010 file:

  1. Select the file from the main menu
    choose the folder
  2. Click on open
    open an excel file
  3. Find the damaged Excel 2010 file in the dialog section
    damaged excel file
  4. Click the arrow next to the Open button and select Open and Repair from the drop-down list.
    Excel Open and Repair
  5. Click the Repair button to restore all data.
  6. Wait for it to be restored.
  7. The algorithm may not have succeeded in repairing the damaged file; click extract data and formulas.
  8. The Excel file algorithm encourages you as a user to “convert to value” or “Retrieve formulas.’
  9. If an error appears, please select Yes.
  10. Excel gives immediate access to the file; save the previous file. Once you are done – Extract the file contents of the last saved files.

Save the Excel file in HTML format

Start by selecting the file and saving it in HTML format. Close the Excel file after saving it. Follow the steps below to save your file in HTML format:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel 2010 on your laptop and navigate to File > Save As. Select the web page from the Save As drop-down menu.
  2. Right click on Enable the Entire workbook option and click on the save button.
  3. Check out the saved HTML file after closing and opening your Microsoft Excel application.
  4. From the main menu, select the Excel file and save it.
  5. Select the Microsoft Excel workbook on the save as drop down menu and right click on the save button.

Using this method you will be able to access the files in the faulty Excel: Having problems with restoring Excel 2010 file – You can easily extract and restore the file using a manual method using a few approaches.

How to manually repair a damaged Excel 2007 file

Follow the steps below to repair corrupt 2007 files with the built-in Microsoft Excel repair tool:

  1. Configure your computer and right click on your Microsoft Excel 2007 application.
  2. Next, select open from the open desktop drop-down menu.
    open file
  3. In the dialog box, select the faulty Excel file. After clicking open and repair in the arrow next to the open button.
    Excel 2007 Open and Repair
  4. In the dialog box, right-click Repair button to revive all lost Excel 2007 files.
    repair excel 2007 file
  5. If the repair process does not work. Try again, then select Extract faulty file.
  6. Select Retrieve formulas Where Convert to values to extract data from workbook on Excel 2007.
    excel convert to values ​​or retrieve formulas

Additionally, the repair tool may encounter obstacles while repairing the damaged Excel file. Moreover, extracting data from spreadsheets can lead to the loss of valuable information or data, which is very risky. In Short – A professional repair tool can repair all corrupted forms and files and recover all data from the corrupted file.

Techniques for recovering data from corrupt Excel 2021 and 2007 files.

Maybe the Open and Repair operation did not give you the needed or desired result on your Excel 2007 and 2010 files. However, depending on whether or not you can open a spreadsheet, the approaches may differ.

Method One: Transfer Corrupted Excel File to Another Computer

  1. Open the faulty Excel file on another device or laptop using MS Excel 2007 or Ms Excel 2010.
  2. Disk or network related issues can be noted easily using another MS Excel application.

Second method: Unsaved Excel files can be restored to their previous saved state

  1. Open previously saved Excel files on your PC.
  2. Restore the last saved Excel file if an error occurs while working on an Excel file.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Excel, click the Office button, then select Open from the drop-down menu.
  2. Right-click on the desktop button and launch the Excel application on your device. Then select open from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Yes to reopen the last saved file or document.

What if the process didn’t work?

Recovery Toolkit for Excel is another preferable software that works perfectly fine. If you tried other methods and none of them worked. Then the Recovery Toolkit for Excel is your goto. The software is specially developed to recover corrupt or damaged files and documents. It also helps users to repair corrupt XLS/XLSX files quickly and efficiently without having to contact an expert in the field. It also performs restoration of all files to their original state before they were damaged. Simply browse through your files and documents to find the damaged Excel file or use the search bar to locate them by typing the file names.

Follow the instructions below to recover data from corrupt Excel 2007/2010 file using Recovery Toolbox for Excel repair program:

recovery software

  1. Click scan to scan the file.
  2. After scanning the files, a preview of the recoverable Excel file should appear.
    Recovery Toolkit for Excel
  3. Click on the Start Recovery button to save the repaired file.
  4. The Excel file is fixed and saved in the specified location.

Preventive measures to avoid data loss in Excel files

The previously mentioned method may allow your data to be corrected. But it is advised to take some precautions to avoid loss of data or files. Having a backup of your workbook is very important. This will serve as a backup if the current spreadsheet gets corrupted.

How to make an automatic backup copy

Follow these procedures to automatically produce an Excel backup copy:

  1. Select save as in the main menu of your Excel application.
  2. Check the location of the corrupted file.
  3. Select General Options in the ‘Save as‘ dialog box.
    General Options
  4. before clicking OKAY – Check the Always generate a backup checkbox in the “General options”.
    always create a backup
  5. By doing so, you have instructed MS Excel to save every Excel file you generate or open for work.

To note: If you can open the Excel 2010 file but cannot view its contents, save the Excel 2010 file in HTML format to extract data from the file.


In this context, we have discussed the common causes of corrupted Excel files in 2010 or 2007 such as hard disk bad sectors, malware infections, etc. It describes how to use the built-in MS “Open and Repair” tool to repair a corrupt Excel file. When Microsoft Excel Repair Tool fails, the article also discusses how to recover Excel files in MS Office 2010 and 2007. It also showed how when manual approaches to repair and recover Excel 2007 and 2010 files fail, a professional repair solution like Recovery Toolkit for Excel can help. However, keep in mind that a workbook can get corrupted again. Therefore, to avoid losing your workbook data, make sure to back it up automatically.

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