Isabel Healthcare partners with Riverwood Healthcare to offer an online symptom checker

Isabelle Health

“Isabel is the only virtual symptom checker/triage tool that brings efficiency and accuracy to the patient experience and continues that efficiency on the use of clinical resources by giving clinicians a professional-grade differential before seeing the patient. “

Isabel Healthcare and Riverwood Healthcare have partnered to integrate Isabel’s AI-powered self-triage and symptom-checking platform into Riverwood’s website to improve access to care and patient engagement.

The Symptom Checker has been customized for Riverwood with the integration of live chat links and selection of care options and other relevant content to help patients navigate Riverwood’s care services and obtain a meet efficiently. Live chat with a patient access representative makes it easy to schedule medical appointments without a phone call.

“We are excited about our partnership with Riverwood Health to bring advanced AI tools to their patients.” said Don Bauman, CEO of Isabel Healthcare. “Isabel’s triage platform not only improves the patient experience, but also improves the efficiency of resource utilization.”

Isabel’s AI Symptom Checker/Triage platform is the only tool that relies on an independently validated and curated machine learning engine. Isabel not only offers a highly customizable user experience, but also has a comprehensive API for white label integrations. Isabel offers consumers the ability to enter an unlimited number of free-text and predictive-text symptoms, covers over 6,000 conditions, and provides accurate triage recommendations with just 11 questions. The engine brings Isabel’s more than 20 years of experience in providing reliable tools to physicians for consumer use, from neonates to geriatric populations.

About Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who nearly died after a life-threatening illness went unrecognized. With its unique AI, the curated machine learning engine has been optimized and refined over 20 years. Isabel Healthcare is the global leader in providing tools to help clinicians and patients make decisions about diagnosis and where to seek care. Connect with us at, or 734-332-0612.

About Riverwood Healthcare

Riverwood Healthcare Contact: Arlene Wheaton, Riverwood Healthcare Center, 218-927-5589, [email protected]

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