Live Edge Furniture Maker Sawdust and Whiskey Debuts in Nashville, TN

Primarily focused on custom tables and desks, Sawdust & Whiskey uses elaborate “live edge” wood slabs that preserve the original tree look and “let nature’s beauty speak for itself”. The company got its start in Nashville, Tennessee in 1903.

Mixing whiskey and table saws might seem dicey, but two Nashville furniture craftsmen are up for the challenge.

Mainly focused on custom tables and desks, Sawdust & Whiskey uses living edging tiles that showcase the original look of the tree and “let nature’s beauty speak for itself,” as the website puts it.

The beginnings of the high-end furniture company were surprisingly simple. Donny Fallgatter, the original founder, started by building a standing desk for his wife. His craftsmanship caught on quickly and within a short time he found himself evolving into a full-time carpentry business.

Chandler Mitchell, the company’s co-founder, crossed paths with Donny when he was looking for unique wood. Both being carpenters, it wasn’t long before the two hit it off. After realizing they worked well together, Donny and Chandler decided to join forces. Chandler currently leads product design while Donny handles customer engagement.

Their ambitions include teaching the art of furniture making and saving the world (and forests) from bad furniture. And drink some whiskey.

The company name comes from their tradition of ending a hard day of woodworking by trying a new bourbon. The wood is sustainably sourced and features signature slab styles like their curved-edge tables that, in a sense, preserve the look of the entire tree in its own unique way.

Sometimes called drip slabs, these curved edge tables are marketed as perfect for anyone who wants a unique and stylish piece of furniture that will last for years. The shape of the design makes this table top stand out from anything like it. And the thick, durable construction ensures it easily handles whatever you throw at it.

Another top product, the River Table, is made with thick layers of durable epoxy, resulting in a table that lasts for generations. With vibrant and vivid colors, epoxy river tables are a great way to touch up a home or office without straying too far from nature. Sawdust & Whiskey will even allow customers to choose their own slab and then customize the job from there.

Sawdust & Whiskey has not only carved out a unique niche for itself in the design language, but also sets itself apart with quick turnaround times in an industry where lead times are notoriously long.

The company also offers high-end finishes, millwork and sculptural ability.

“Boards that can be machined to these dimensions are not only rare, they tell their own story.” Chandler said.

“Post-catalyzed conversion varnish and a post-catalyzed oil finish bond to the wood at the molecular level. They are the most durable finishes available today.

Located on Nolensville Pike, their carpentry shop is enjoying a rapidly growing audience.

Their furniture can be found on their website which features images and information about their product types, prices, and woodworking blog.

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