MCC to introduce online case tracking system after three months, says commissioner

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) will introduce an online file tracking system after three months, according to Commissioner Akshy Sridhar.

Speaking during an interactive session on issues and projects related to the city, Mr. Sridhar said that once the digital system is activated, people can track the movement of their files in the society.

Referring to the civic body moving towards paperless administration in its offices, the commissioner said: “The use of paper files has now been reduced by 50%”.

The Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) organized the session.

Referring to a suggestion by KCCI to continue offline property tax payment for a while until people get used to the online payment system, the commissioner said such a move would go to defeats the very purpose of introducing online payment.

The civic body is aware of the online technical issues facing taxpayers and those are being addressed, he said.

Mr Sridhar said that as the company introduced the online property tax payment method, the complaints were also increasing. The company leaned on them. “We view each complaint as a step in the right direction,” he said.

The commissioner said the civic body has opened a dry waste storage unit at Madhava Nagara in Surathkal. It has a storage capacity of two tons of waste collected in one day. The civic body will open other such units around the city depending on the availability of space.

When asked by a participant to increase the collection interval for dry waste from once a week to two or three times a week, the commissioner said that in some neighborhoods it is now collected twice a week. It will be extended to other neighborhoods in phases.

Another participant suggested that the civic body should introduce a three-digit helpline number to allow people to file complaints about civic issues such as water leaks. The commissioner said an app is currently being developed for the same purpose.

KCCI President Shashidhar Pai Maroor chaired the session.