New head office, planned warehouse for the engine supplier

Interstate-McBeea global supplier of engine and fuel injection parts for diesel trucks and locomotives, begins assembling parts for its own move to Oakwood Village from 5300 Lakeside Ave., an industrial area just east of downtown city ​​of Cleveland.

Construction of a 210,000 square foot warehouse and corporate headquarters complex is beginning on a 32-acre site at 7400 Oakleaf Road, according to a notice filed April 1 with the Cuyahoga County Tax Office.

Signed by Brad Buescher, treasurer and chief operating officer of Interstate-McBee, the document indicates that Premier Development Partners of Cleveland will build the structure of Interstate-McBee. On the same day, a $19 million mortgage from KeyBank for the project was registered with the county.

Interstate-McBee is a legacy but low-key private company launched in 1947 on Carnegie Avenue near East 70th Street. It moved to the Goodrich-Gannett industrial estate in Lakeside in 1986, according to its website.

Started as diesel engines replaced gasoline engines in heavy trucks, the company originally served as a rebuilder of diesel fuel injectors. It grew through acquisitions to serve several diesel engine manufacturers and to begin supplying original equipment for engines in the truck and railroad engine markets, as well as parts for natural gas suppliers. . It also serves as a distributor.

The project has been in the works for some time. Legislation providing an income tax incentive and a property tax abatement was passed by Oakwood Village Council in 2021. At that time, the company said it would move into the new property d ‘about 150 Cleveland employees with a payroll of about $6 million a year.

Interstate-McBee said in a footnote to its incentive application that it plans to add 30 more full-time employees after moving to Oakwood.

Once the new structure is complete, the company announced that it will vacate part of a multi-tenant building at 5300 Lakeside Ave. which it leases for its head office and warehouse. Two manufacturing sites, also in the Lakeside area, and more than 100 full-time employees, will not make the move to the new property, according to an inducement application filed with the village.

The site of the Interstate-McBee location was purchased on March 29, 2021 for $2.6 million, according to county land records. The purchase was made by Oakwood Center LLC, which was incorporated in 2019, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s online records. Oakwood Center’s most recent agent, according to state records, is Trent Rundell, whose LinkedIn profile lists him as a comptroller at Interstate-McBee.

Buescher, treasurer and chief operating officer of Interstate-McBee, declined to comment on the company’s Oakwood plans. Village of Oakwood Mayor Gary Gottschalk said the company would provide a visible addition to the Oakwood Freeway location, but declined to discuss the plans in detail.

Premier Development, in an April 6 email newsletter, acknowledged that it was building property for the Interstate-McBee. Spencer Pisczak, chairman of Premier Development, declined to comment on the project without obtaining company approval.