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By Madeleine Mills-Craig—

MUNCIE, Ind. – Calling all teachers and educators! Is there a topic that you are eager to explore to bring new ideas and real-life applications to your classroom? Have your students ever asked, “Why do I need to know this” or “When am I going to use it someday”? We have the perfect opportunity for you to carry out your own educational project as you wish. Bring your interests and establish collaborations with other teachers, access new tools and equipment, and get the support you need to help students think like a maker!

“We are excited to launch this brand new initiative to support educators and strengthen ties with the workforce,” said Kyra Zylstra, Director of Future of Work at Madjax.

The Educator Maker in Residence program is a pilot program focused on creating a “learning community” of educators, students and workforce partners. Our goal is to go beyond typical education and promote essential workforce skills such as leadership, project learning, growth mindset, etc.

The program will begin in March with residents meeting twice a month for a few hours during the evening for training and planning. Planning sessions will focus on developing your own personal summer project with the help of workforce partners and student apprentices. To learn more about the program, visit

In addition to a free membership to the Madjax Design Lab, you will also receive a stipend of $ 2,500 and access to a variety of equipment, technologies, tools and industrial connections. Applications will close on January 31, 2022.

“This program was designed by teachers for teachers to help them integrate the skills needed for a future workforce in meaningful and relevant ways,” Zylstra said. “We are excited to provide educators with a learning playground, a learning community, a manufacturer mindset-driven approach, and a closer connection with the local workforce to energize their professional path and strengthen their teaching in the classroom. “

To enroll in the Educator Maker in Residence program, visit our website and apply now at

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