Raspberry Pi Pico W projects to inspire your inner creator

The Raspberry pie The family has grown today and now includes a $6 wireless microcontroller, the Raspberry Pi Pico W. We’ve already had a chance to check it out and have a complete Raspberry Pi. Reviews Pico W available to anyone interested in the new board. In short, we are blown away by the new development and it looks like we are not alone!

Several makers had the opportunity to discover the new boards and even shared some new Pico W projects with the community which demonstrates its potential. Today we take a look at a few of them to get you excited and hopefully spark new ideas with their inspiring creations.

Raspberry Pi Pico W Wi-Fi Network Analyzer

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Raspbery Pi Foundation Program Manager Richard Hayler uses the Pico W to power this network analyzer. An LED strip is added to the mix to signal how many Wi-Fi networks are nearby and what type. According to Hayler, green lights symbolize secure networks, red lights are used for unsecured open networks, and orange lights for hidden SSIDs.

wireless garage door sensor

With the help of MicroPython, Jeff Geerling created a wireless sensor for his garage door. This project is meant to integrate with his home automation system and uses a magnetic switch to toggle the state of a GPIO pin, the state of the pin is then communicated to the home automation system. More updates are expected soon on this project which can be found on its official website.

Pico W web server

Nathan with pi3g built a powered Pico W Web server using MicroPthon. With it, users can connect to Pico wirelessly and, in its demonstration, control the built-in LED. The Pico W handles both the HTML for a browser session and the backend GPIO control that turns the LED on and off.

Pico W Plant Notification System

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Arm uses a Pico W to power a factory notification system. With the help of a Pimoroni Grow HAT Mini, it sends mobile notifications with fun messages and reminders to water the plant when the humidity sensor detects low levels. You can see it in action on the arm’s official profile at Twitter.

New products Pimoroni Pico W

It wouldn’t be a new version of Pi without a host of Pimoroni products to go with it! Users have a few new boards to get excited about, including the Galactic Unicorn which includes a matrix panel that can be used by the Pico W, as well as two new wireless cards, the Inventor 2040W and Automation 2040W. You can get a good overview of these new developments on the official website Pimoroni YouTube page.

Be sure to check out our list of the best Raspberry Pi projects for more inspiring creations from the maker community. We’ll be sure to cover more Pico W projects as they tour online, so fire up your soldering irons and grab a Pico W for yourself!