RPG Maker Unite details full default character portraits

Gotcha Gotcha Games has released new information and screenshots for RPG Maker Unite featuring the full default character portraits of the roleplaying game creation tool.

Get the details below.

■ Default character assets released!

In role-playing games, characters such as party members or NPCs (non-player characters) are very important for world-building and story progression. However, not everyone has the creative skills to draw or modify their own characters. Do not worry ! As always in previous titles, we have prepared a pool of default character assets for this purpose so that anyone can create a game!

In our previous news announcements, we also posted information about the default characters that will be used in our official sample game. This time we are posting information about all the default characters that will be available at launch!

■ Party member character assets

There are a total of 24 character items that can be used as party members. These characters have both map animations and side view combat animations.

RPG Maker Unite
RPG Maker Unite

■ NPC character assets

On the other hand, the characters that users can use as NPCs total up to 46 characters. Since NPCs do not join players in battle, they only contain the animations for map movements.

RPG Maker Unite
RPG Maker Unite
RPG Maker Unite
RPG Maker Unite

■ Full character portraits will be available for free download

All default characters released today will be available on our official website for free download in PSD and PNG format after RPG Maker Unite is released! For reference only, these full body portraits are created in a dimension of “width:1416~1900” x “height:2027~2200”, at 72PPI resolution.

Those who are confident in image editing are free to use these character resources for game creation purposes!

RPG Maker Unite must be released on PC via Steam and Unity Asset Store in 2022 globally.

See new screenshots in the gallery.