Support Our Business – Government Coffin Maker

Economic news for Sunday, April 17, 2022


Caskets in a store

Coffin maker bemoans weak sales

Help us financially through district assemblies, coffin maker to government

Enable craftsmen to reach their maximum potential, coffin maker to government

Ebenezer Teye, 63, called on the government to come to the aid of coffin makers and other artisans to prevent their businesses from collapsing.

According to him, the government must support them by organizing exhibition programs, among other things, to attract tourists who present their crafts.

He added that the government, through the District Assembly, could support artisans with financial assistance and training programs to help them in their field of work.

This, he said, would increase their productivity and grow their business.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Teye said: “We need the government to support the artisans with development programs to increase the productivity and incomes of indigenous peoples to expand the local market. and foreign handicraft”.

“They provide income that complements subsistence farming while strengthening ethnic identity and cultural pride. Programs can energize local craftsmanship by enabling artisans to reach their maximum potential,” he added.

Mr. Teye noted that his works of art have been recognized internationally as some customers travel to Ghana to purchase his woodwork or coffins.

According to him, it was featured in Thierry Secretan’s landmark magazine “Going into Darkness Fantastic Coffins from Africa” ​​in 1991.

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