The community is waiting to file its taxes, the preparer is unreachable

TILTON, Ill. (WCIA) – Residents of Tilton and Westville are demanding answers from their tax preparer. They say they filed paperwork with her weeks ago – and haven’t heard back.

The deadline for filing is Monday.

Christine Bailey said she was told she would only have to wait two weeks for her taxes to be filed. It was five weeks ago.

“I called and called. Even before I filed my taxes, I called to try and ask a question and never got a call back,” Bailey said.

She said she has used this Westville tax service for years and never had a problem like this.

“Another guy showed up who said he’s been here two or three times and it hasn’t been done. I didn’t know what else to do.

She said six or seven people showed up outside the building on Friday with similar complaints.

“I assumed it might have been a queue at first, but they were all waiting to see if it would open.”

She never did, but she said in a statement that she was understaffed. She is also concerned about COVID, which is why it can be difficult to reach her in person. She claims that anyone who wants her documents can get them, but people still don’t know how.

“All our papers are in there. Anything we need to file, I don’t have copies of. I gave them all to him in a folder. I had my name, my number, everything on it, all paper, nice and clean. And I have none of that,” Bailey said.

She said they all want the ability to use another preparer if an extension is needed.

Other people waiting for their taxes said Danville police were involved.

If you’re having trouble finding your documents, an IRS media relations specialist encourages people not to panic. You can often get paper or electronic copies of W-2 and 1099 forms from your employer or bank. The IRS has tips on choosing a preparer, requesting an extension, and more about their website.