This espresso maker and milk frother combo is on sale for less than $50

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You’ll admit that you’re used to getting your daily caffeine fix from your favorite coffee shop. Sometimes it’s just better when someone else makes your coffee or espresso for you. Either that or you don’t feel like making your own at home. However, going to coffee every day can really put a strain on your bank account. What if we had some sort of game changer? Something that will make your cup of espresso at home more palatable while saving you money in the long run?

The MILANO Stovetop Espresso Machine and EZ Latte Milk Frother Set will make your own espresso at home easier and more enjoyable. This bundle includes a stovetop espresso maker and a milk frother. Unlike most fancy machines that cost what seems like a fortune, this set ends up being a better option because it extracts more flavor compared to other coffee brewing methods.

The espresso machine allows you to easily and pleasantly prepare your own espresso. Its scald protection feature is designed to prevent your finger from accidentally touching a hot pan. Plus, it’s ultra-portable, making it perfect to take on vacation or camping (imagine waking up to a beautiful mountain view while sipping on a hot espresso!). It is also safe for most stovetops, including electric coils, electric glass tops, gas stoves, propane, and camp stoves. Brew up to six cups at a time so the whole family can enjoy with you.

The stainless steel milk frother is also an essential part of this offer. Who doesn’t love a good cappuccino or a frothy latte? Its stainless steel construction ensures that it will never rust or impart a metallic flavor to your drink. Just add a few ounces of milk to a glass, insert the frother head inside, and flip the switch with your thumb. It’s so simple. You can even use it as a whisk when cooking. Who doesn’t love a multifunctional kitchen tool?

Don’t settle for “meh” coffee drinks. Grab this espresso maker and frother set today while it’s on sale for $49.50 for a limited time.

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