Tried the cheap Aldi frozen drink maker that makes amazing frozen cocktails – Bethan Shufflebotham

When Aldi launched its frozen drink maker last month, parents considered it a great way to make slushies at home, while coffee drinkers might have found a cool new way to make iced coffee. At 24 with very few responsibilities, my mind went straight to what I took for granted: cocktail parties.

The €24.99 is the perfect kitchen gadget for the summer when temperatures rise, especially with the bank holiday weekend and barbecues expected in June, July and August.

Aldi said: “Cool down when the sun comes out with this Ambiano frozen drink machine. You will be able to create perfectly shaved snow cones or fantastic frozen drinks with this machine. Create your own cool concoctions such as slushies, iced lattes, punches, or cocktails with this must-have maker. This is great for a garden party or general cooling off in the summer.

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I picked up one Aldi frozen drink machines in time for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and tried making frozen margaritas – and it was quicker and easier than I thought.

Setting up the machine took minutes, with an easy-pour plastic pitcher that contains an agitator, which slots into the machine and locks into place for added security.

Iced drink maker Ambiano is £24.99 at Aldi

I started by adding my liquid ingredients to the jug, including tequila, triple sec, sugar syrup, and fresh lime juice before placing the jug on the device. Next, I took some store-bought ice cream and placed a handful of cubes in the top of the machine, securing the lid before turning it on.

There are two ice shave settings – coarse and fine – so you can create a consistency you like with the stainless steel cutting blade inside. The frozen drink maker has non-slip feet, but when turned on, it rocks a bit, so you can put a hand on it just to stabilize it.

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There is a minimum and maximum fill line on the jug, and I would say that makes up to five cocktails at a time. It makes a cocktail in about five minutes – but I expected it to take a lot longer. The more cocktail mix you add, the longer it takes to get the right consistency – and you may want to keep adding ice to get the right viscosity.

My margarita cocktail tasted amazing and was nice and chilled, great for cooling off on a hot day. However, I find that you probably need to use a straw to enjoy the drink, as I don’t like the feeling of ice chattering my teeth.

There are so many frozen drinks you can make in the machine
There are so many frozen drinks you can make in the machine

Other shoppers loved using the slushy-style machine, giving it five stars on Aldi’s website. Vickie said: ‘I bought this to make mocktails for the kids at a recent party, but the adults liked it just as well. Quick to install and easy to use. Ideal for summer. While Rikki added: “Absolutely brilliant article, very satisfied. It’s good value for money and it saves me money as my grandson always wants slushies. I can now do them.

During the Jubilee holiday, we plan to make more frozen cocktails for family and friends, and we’ve also purchased Slush Puppy Syrup from B&M to DIY our own kid-friendly frozen drinks.

It was so quick to create an icy frozen drink, and it’s a fun gadget to have on hand at garden parties or barbecues, making it easy to create the ultimate summertime refreshment. You can find the Ambiano frozen drink machine here.