Volkswagen: a couple of countryside files a complaint after anti-gay attacks

Diego and Murillo Xavier, Who starred in the Polo campaigna Volkswagen, filed a complaint after a series of anti-gay attacks on social networks.

Since the start of the campaign, most of Facebook’s audience has objected to the automaker’s decision to cast a gay couple to star in the ad.

“Am I afraid of these threats? Yes. But my commitment to society, my family and my country is much more important,” Diego commented in a post.

“The violation of rights is not freedom of expression, it is a crime. We were at the police station recording a report of anti-gay attacks that were promoted on social media. […] Remember that every 36 hours an LGBTI+ person makes a police report in Paraná and every 19 hours one is signed in Brazil,” he added.

The campaign features two young men embracing in front of a purple-lit car and talking about evolution. “Do you know what evolved with you? Polo,” reads the caption text.

“Difference enriches, respect unites,” Volkswagen said in a statement.

The text says: “The foundation of the brand is to ensure respectful and inclusive behavior, both inside and outside the company, with direct or indirect business partners.”

In a note posted on the Automotive Business website, Volkswagen also said it recently launched a brochure for its entire supply chain and dealership network in Brazil to promote the theme of inclusion and diversity in the automotive sector and at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. According to Automotive Business, VW also said it would remove any comments it deemed offensive and disrespectful from its pages.