You will be able to edit the PDF file in Google Chromebook, these users will have the option

Edit the PDF file: Until now, it was not possible to edit a PDF file, but soon users will be able to edit a PDF file and make changes. Let us tell you that this feature will only be available for Chromebook users. In such a situation, Chrome-book users will be able to highlight the text in the PDF. Also, from filling out the form to signing the document. Additionally, users will also be able to create text notes directly from the Gallery app.

PDF editing feature will be available by default

Gallery is the default photo editing app in Chromebook. It’s like a photo window. In this, when you open the app, you will see lots of photos. Let us tell you that most Chromebook PDF editors do not support the feature by default. Although it is possible to edit the PDF file using third-party applications, limited functionality is provided in it. In addition, the security risk remains linked to third-party applications. Direct gallery access is not available in third-party apps.

Students will enjoy benefits

Students will benefit a lot from using the new Chromebook features. A new feature is being added to Chromebooks by Google, in which features like movie editing and video editing will be available in Google Photos.

Users will benefit from these facilities

Users will be able to create a video from clips and photos stored in their accounts with just a few clicks. In this, you just need to select a theme (Love Story, Pet Movie, etc.) and themes. After that, Google will do the rest of the work on its own. The Chrome-book also comes with settings like arranging clips, applying filters, contrast, and white point. Apart from Google Photos light and dark colors, support for wallpapers is also provided.

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